Awareness presentation on ” Stress Management in Present Pandemic” program at Silver Oak Garden Apartment on 21st FEB 2021

                   As per the present pandemic situation around Bangalore city, an awareness Powerpoint Presentation program on  ” Stress Management in Present Pandemic” was conducted at Silver Oak Garden Apartment, by Brahma Kumaris ISRO Layout center, Bangalore on 21st FEB 2021.

Chief guests present

  1. Apartment Management President  –  Mr Shrishail Patil 
  2. Brother Gopal, Lakshmi – Residents of Apartment
  3. Brahma Kumari Megha with sewadharis  

     Residents of this apartment with 160 houses attended the presentation program and expressed it to be the ‘ Need of the hour’. 

The Program Started with Candle Lighting and Dance followed by a presentation on the topic –  ” Stress Management in Present Pandemic” by Brahma Kumari Megha Behn aimed at preventing the residents from unnecessary thoughts and carelessness thereby inviting harmful diseases leading to stress, by 11:30 AM in the SOG Apartment Party Hall.  All the safety precautions of Pandemic were taken during the program.

 Many benefited from the awareness presentation and Baba’s toli was distributed to attendees present. 

Please find the attached photos.









Anti Covid-19 Services- Pure cotton Sterilized Mask distribution sewa along with Godly message to Public in Business Sector

For the protection of the public in business- Pure cotton sterilized Mask(2layers) along with a Godly message was distributed in the area under ANTI-COVID-19 SERVICES (Phase I & II) from BKs -ISRO Layout, Bangalore. Shop owners, helpers, Roadside vendors, Police personnel on duty, Temple priests along with their family members were covered under this service. Around 500 masks were distributed.

All were intimated about the ultimate protection for mind and body is possible only by understanding Godly knowledge and remembrance of the Almighty God Father Shiva.
Following all the safety measures, Brahma Kumari Megha Behn along with BK Anand, BK Dhanlakshmi & BK Dharshan actively participated in the above Social Cum Godly Service. 

Independence Day Celebrations 15th Aug 2020

On this important day of our nation, Brahma Kumaris were invited for the Flag hoisting at a Gated community in ISRO Layout, Bangalore.
   Following all the safety measures, Flag hoisting was started with Bharat Matapuja, followed by Flag hoisting by BK Megha Sister, and simultaneously National anthem was sung by children of the Community here.
      Brahma Kumari sister later enlightened everyone present about, celebrating true Independence by Realising the self and make the self free from the captivity of 5 vices. Also to get out of the extreme dependence on electronic gadgets.
Finally, Few minutes of meditation was also conducted for spreading the peace for the souls who were deceased and for those still struggling to get out of the influence of virus COVID -19.


On the Auspicious occasion of SHRI KRISHNA JANMASHTAMI festival was celebrated with joy and cheers at Brahma Kumaris ISRO Layout, Bangalore alongside following all the norms set by the Government of India.
All the people followed the rules and social distancing was applicable. The program started with Sister B.K Megha by giving a message of spiritual significance about Krishna Janmashtami and explained the importance of this festival to all the attendees.
Small Children of BK family, dressed as Sri Krishna and Radhe was the very attractive live scene for the attendees. Also during celebrations  Value game was arranged so that the inculcation of values to start from this event in every divine soul’s life.


Raksha Bandhan- Bond of God’s protection in Present Situation of the world.

Raksha Bandhan, the commemoration of God’s Protection received by maintaining the purity of thoughts within and remembrance of the Almighty one Godfather Shiva.

This Years Raksha Bandhan is a unique and special one, due to social distancing and the precautions for safety.

Brahma Kumaris made the souls remember –

1) The significance of Purity in lifestyle

2) The importance of God’s Canopy of protection

3) The unbreakable thread of pure Love

We have celebrated the festival will full zeal and happiness under strict safety measures in Government offices like Transport offices, Police Station and Private Companies and industries from 3rd August to 6th August 2020.

God’s protection knot ( Raksha Bandhan) for the serving Corona warriors of Police Department.”

Honoring of ‘Corona Warriors’ by tieing God’s protection knot organized by  Brahma Kumaris Centre, ISRO Layout Bangalore
Police officers were honored- ‘Corona Warriors’ for their unmatched contribution and sacrifice in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic situation in the area.
In the series of Programmes of Raksha Bandhan, Visited Assistant Commissioner of Police office – Mr Manjunath Babu, ACP, KSPS – Bangalore South, Police Inspector Mr Shiva Kumar, Subinspector Mr Nagesh including all other 60 Police personal were given Godly knowledge and facilitated with Toli, Value card including God’s Protection ” Raksha Bandhan ” was tied in remembrance of almighty God.
Finally wishing further safety of all the serving Corona Warriors in protecting all citizens of the area.

“Chitrakala” – Art of Drawing, Competition held on the topic – A View of “Forthcoming Heaven on Earth” .

In paying our sincere tributes for the Great souls – Mammohini Didi and Dadi Hryudaya Pushpa in the month of July 2020, a Chitrakala- Art of Drawing was conducted here for the divine souls ( BK’s ) here at ISRO  Layout Baba’s center.

Brothers and Sisters enthusiastically participated in the drawing competition following strict Safety measures. Attending different timings of the day here.

The topic was ” A view of Forthcoming Heaven on Earth”.All the Participants were provided Godly gifts and Prices for the best drawings.







Celebrations of 84th Trimurthy Shiva Jayanti 2020

Like every year this year, 84th Shiv Jayanti is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm. We organised one day Spiritual Exhibition on 21st Feb 2020, The Exhibition was opened for people of all walks of life from 10.00am to 10.00pm. Around 400 people including eminent personalities like Scientists, Engineers visited the event and were benefited.

A divine Shivlinga was the main attraction of this Exhibition. Exhibition had spiritual pictorials explaining the World Cycle, Knowledge of Three Worlds, Trimurthy Shiva, moral values and eradication of bad habits. Simultaneously, how one can develop a communication with Supreme with one relationship was also explained.

Apart from above, the importance of Shiv Jayanthi festival and the need for inculcating divine values in oneself to create a better world through rajyoga meditation, Cake cutting, Flag Hoisting, Candle Lighting was organized at the centre.

Here are some photos of the Shiva Jayanti celebrations –



BK Megha Behn, Centre Incharge, along with BK family enthusiastically participated during inauguration, in organizing the event and making it successful.

Bangalore – Brahma Kumaris Honoured with “Prakruti Mitra Award” at Earth Mother Festival

Brahma Kumari, Centre Incharge of I.S.R.O Layout Bangalore Honoured  “Prakruti Mitra Award” by BNM Institute of Technology, Banashankari & Heritage Trust(R) , Basavanagudi    on ‘Srishti Sambhrama 2019’…the Earth Mother Festival  on 14th Sept’2019 at  Mathrushree Sushila Devi R Maanay Auditorium, BNMIT, BSK 2nd Stage for their Outstanding Contribution in conducting practical awareness programs aiming conservation of Natural Heritage on earth in various schools, colleges, software companies & Govt offices of Bangalore Karnataka under “Green India Clean India” Project Program, Brahma Kumaris.
The Honour was bestowed by Sri. Punati Sridhar, IFS, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (PCCF)and (HoFF)Head of Forest Force, Karnataka, Sri Narayan Rao R Maanay Trustee & Secretary – BNMIT and Smt Vijayalakshmi V Secretary of Heritage club .

Many VIPs were present during the Occasion.


“Green India Clean India” Project Program at VS Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore

As per the details and directions provided by Education Wing under Green India Clean India project, Awareness program was conducted on 16th October 2019 at V S Dental College & Hospital, Bangalore by Brahmakumaris, Vardhani Bhavan, Bangalore.

Chief guests present:

  1. Principal – Dr Usha H.L.
  2. Senior Faculties – Dr Vijayalakshmi, Ms Savitha Rao, Ms Saroja
  3. Sisters BK Mala and BK Megha with Sewadharis- BK Venkatesh & BK Vijay

Program started with awareness presentation on “Harmony with the Nature” made by Brahmakumari Megha Behn aimed at understanding nature, planting trees and to be guardians of nature.






Later program was continued with saplings distribution in the college campus.

Around 250 Students were benefited by the awareness presentation and (Meditation) Rajyog Sakash for Mother Nature.

Godly gifts were presented to the dignitaries present.