International Youth Day – 12th Aug 2018


On the Occasion of International  Youth  Day celebrated on 12th of Aug 2018, under  the guidance of Youth Wing of Brahma Kumaris – ISRO layout branch Bangalore came forward with a new theme – “let’s Walk for Young Women’s Dignity”, to invocate our ancient glorifying culture.

On the event, to empower youth, a Walkathon was held for Public to create the awareness about the Richness, Divinity, Royalty that existed in our Culture of Bharat, there by enlighten the youth about the necessity of inculcation of values in life and Retrieve the respect of women. Walkathon – of 2.5 Kms from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM, ending at ISRO Bus Stand, Bangalore was organised. Convocation program was conducted by the end of Walkathon, during this function,

Chief Guest: Film Director – Mr Kudloor Ramakrishna, Spoke about the activities carried out by brahma Kumaris in strengthening the youth of Bharat and world by organising awareness programs.

Also on this Program, Guest:  Dr Annegowda, President- BKS, Secretary KSJDS, and City President– Re VVS spoke about the efforts of Brahma Kumaris in trainings and teachings provided in schools, colleges and companies towards better future of Bharat.

As the host, Centre in charge- Brahma Kumari  Megha, spoke about awareness required  in youth by explaining the necessity of Divinity in the betterment of their lifestyle.

Service: Notice, Public announcement, Pamphlets distributed in Parks, Schools, Bus Stand & houses.  After the Speech, at the end of the , fruits, Biscuits & Certificates were distributed.