On the Auspicious occasion of SHRI KRISHNA JANMASHTAMI festival was celebrated with joy and cheers at Brahma Kumaris ISRO Layout, Bangalore alongside following all the norms set by the Government of India.
All the people followed the rules and social distancing was applicable. The program started with Sister B.K Megha by giving a message of spiritual significance about Krishna Janmashtami and explained the importance of this festival to all the attendees.
Small Children of BK family, dressed as Sri Krishna and Radhe was the very attractive live scene for the attendees. Also during celebrations  Value game was arranged so that the inculcation of values to start from this event in every divine soul’s life.


Geeta Paatshala Opening ceremony on World Peace Day – Ascension Day (Smruti Diwas)18th Jan 2019

As our Avyakt Baba ( Brahma Baba) taught us, from his way of life to do Selfless Service to humanity without any expectation and in Co-operation of all family members for the World Transformation Act.

Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya at ISRO Layout centre is all set to open here an Geeta Paatshala in Kashi Nagar , situated at a distance of 1 KM  from ISRO  Lyt Sub-centre. Located near Various schools ,JK Industrial area where art of living courses, camps, cultural events and other spiritual programmes will be held here in coming future.

Ceremony Started with God’s true remembrance to do selfless service to the mankind in and around the area with the support all the BK family members of ISRO Layout centre here.


Followed by Flag hoisting


Atma smruti Tilak


Candle Lighting – Deep Prajwalan


Bharatiya Samskruti of Milk boiling for opening ceremony.